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Why We Become What We Think About w/ John R. Miles EP 139

May 20, 2022

John R. Miles - Why we become what we think about and seven ways you can build positive beliefs | Brought to you by Masterworks ( code passion)

Notable American radio speaker and author Earl Nightingale once said, “We become what we think about.” This truthful statement embodies and emphasizes just how vital our mindsets and beliefs are to creating the lives we live.

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Why do we become our beliefs?

A belief is any cognitive notion that is held as accurate. It is the acceptance that something exists, even though its existence cannot be proved. This means that the potency of a belief is entirely dependent on a person’s choice to accept or reject it.

Take, for example, two people with similar qualifications who are given $1000 to use for starting a new business. One of them believes they can start a business, profit, and earn thousands of dollars — a beneficial belief. In contrast, the other person believes $1,000 is too little to start anything of meaning and fails to start anything — a restricting belief.

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Questions that you and your friends or family members can discuss about this episode:

  • What are beliefs and how are they formed?.
  • What did you find most inspiring about the story of Sean Stephenson?
  • What can you learn about the self-limiting beliefs from Stephenson's story?
  • What is the most fascinating thing about our belief system?
  • What are the differences between beneficial and restricting beliefs?
  • What are seven things you can do to form more beneficial beliefs?
  • What steps will you take after hearing today’s episode to change your beliefs?

Interested in reading the transcript for the episode? Check it out here.

Time Stamps

  • 0:00 Announcements
  • 3:04 Why do we become our beliefs?
  • 6:00 The story of how Sean Stephenson overcame limiting beliefs
  • 10:10 How do beliefs work?
  • 12:06 How the Placebo Effect influences what we believe
  • 13:08 Seven things you can do to create beneficial beliefs
  • 20:07 Why the real prisons exist in our minds
  • 21:46 Analysis and wrap-up

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-- John R Miles is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO and founder of Passion Struck. This full-service media company helps people live intentionally by creating best-in-class educational and entertainment content. John is also a prolific public speaker, venture capitalist, and author named to the ComputerWorld Top 100 IT Leaders.

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