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Anne O’Neil on Why Life Like Sports Is a Strategy by Design EP 132

May 4, 2022

Anne O'Neil (@heyanneoneil) on our life like sports is a strategy by design. | Brought to you by Masterworks ( - use code passion to start).

Anne O’Neil is a former WNBA player for the Sacramento Monarchs and a Division 1 Academic and Athletic All-American at Iowa State University where she played for Bill Fennelly. She broke the Iowa High School State scoring record and was later inducted into the Iowa Girls Basketball Hall of Fame. Following a 12-year tenure in the athletic and healthcare industries, she took her expertise to Palo Alto Networks where she is a cyber transformational leader. She is also the host host of the Get Busy Livin podcast.

Strategy by Design

On the Passion Struck Podcast, Anne and I discuss how life, like basketball, is really strategy by design. And just as each play, makes a difference for each individual game, the same holds true for the moments that make up our daily activities. She believes that ferocity taught her how to read and know where to move her body ahead of time, where to pass the ball ahead of time, and where her teammates were going to be able to shine.

Thanks Masterworks

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Time Stamps

  • 0:00 Announcements and Anne O'Neil Introduction
  • 3:33 Discovering passion for basketball
  • 6:13 Working to elevate her game
  • 8:14 Leading the State of Iowa in scoring
  • 10:41 The challenge of playing college sports
  • 13:42 Developing the mindset on being the best
  • 17:04 College transfer pool
  • 18:54 How to build resilience in sports
  • 23:00 Legacy of Bill Fennelly on women's college basketball
  • 27:02 College vs being a professional athlete
  • 31:00 Mentally preparing for a life after sports
  • 34:00 How do you play aggressive yet under control?
  • 38:37 Importance of a quality routine
  • 41:52 Get Busy Livin podcast
  • 45:30 Cybersecurity leadership
  • 50:26 Lightening round of questions
  • 54:36 Wrap up and synthesis







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