Passion Struck with John R. Miles

Chrystal Rose on Why a Life Without Passion Is Like a Life Without Air EP 138

May 18, 2022

Chrystal Rose on why a life without passion is like a life without air | Brought to you by Masterworks ( code passion)

Chrystal Rose is a serial entrepreneur, transformative coach for high achievers, and the host of two podcasts, Self Love for Breakfast and Breathwork Bestie. She is dedicated to helping business owners, coaches and corporate rockstars shift from a place of hustle to living their dream life. 

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What I discuss with Chrystal Rose:

  • 0:00 Teaser and Announcements
  • 2:57 Introducing Chrystal Rose
  • 6:07 Why she finds herself very multi-passionate
  • 9:19 Why compassion and love are her superpowers
  • 14:40 How there is a hyper-focus on the external world
  • 18:18 Striking a balance between self-love and unhealthy self-love
  • 27:42 Why she loves working with women business owners
  • 30:07 The social conditioning we face in the workforce
  • 33:26 Shifting the mental paradigm
  • 36:52 Why we don't live in our present moment
  • 39:43 We discuss her two podcasts Self-Love for Breakfast and Breathwork Bestie
  • 43:29 Breathwork advice
  • 47:30 Rapid round of questions
  • 50:46 Show Wrap Up and Synthesis

In this episode, Chrystal Rose joins us to share her wisdom on why she has decided to close her Women’s Boutique to focus more on her passion for coaching businesswomen, and how she overcame childhood trauma. We discuss the importance of self-love and the best place to start practicing it. Why people feel like they have to work so hard and push themselves to burnout in order to be successful. How we can actually make more by doing less. How perfectionism, being a control freak and people-pleasing aren't actually personality traits.

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