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Cindy Shaw On: The Six Pillars of Brain Health EP 71

October 12, 2021

Brain Health Coach Cindy Shaw sits down with John R Miles to discuss the six pillars of brain health which include: Physical Exercise, Food & Nutrition, Medical Health, Sleep & Relaxation, Mental Fitness, and Social Interaction.

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About Our Guest Cindy Shaw

Thank you for listening to the Passion Struck podcast. Cindy Shaw is the founder of The Better Brain Academy, and she user her expertise as a brain health and mental performance trainer to help people transform their lives. By blending leading-edge neuroscience, brain health, and self-improvement strategies, Cindy helps others naturally improve their moods, boost their performance, supercharge their energy and focus, and optimize their well-being.

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Cindy Shaw Show Notes

  • 0:00 Cindy Shaw teaser and show intro
  • 1:34 Introduction of Cindy Shaw
  • 4:02 What led her to be a brain health coach
  • 7:26 Why mental health Should be called brain health
  • 13:40 Why the medical system mistreats you as a mental health patient
  • 21:14 Why we self numb and have problems with addiction
  • 25:57 The keys to better sleep and its link to performance
  • 32:52 How to prevent yourself from waking up in the middle of the night
  • 36:59 Why so many people are Magnesium deficient
  • 38:15 The long term impact of not getting enough sleep
  • 41:58 Importance of gut health on brain health
  • 45:22 Hormone treatment for traumatic brain injury victims
  • 50:46 The keys to producing more serotonin



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