Passion Struck with John R. Miles

How to Ask For Advice (and Make the Most of It) | Momentum Friday EP 68

October 1, 2021

One of the questions John R Miles often gets is how to ask for advice (and make the most of it). Asking for advice the right way is one of the most important skills we can master. It’s an asset that sharpens our instincts, exposes us to guidance, and brings us closer to our goals, abilities, and passion.

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Thank you for listening to the Passion Struck podcast. In this powerful Momentum Friday Episode, John R. Miles discusses his six secrets to asking for advice and why asking for advice the right way is half the battle. The other half is being willing to listen to it. To get meaningful advice, you need to be specific, intentional, and explicit in what you need. Acting on advice means using it to decide the best course of action for yourself.

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Show Notes

0:00 Show Introduction

1:34 Asking for help is hard

2:45 Why people don’t know how to ask for advice

3:20 Understand the advice you are seeking

3:58 Tone of Voice is Vital

4:58 Suppress Your Ego

6:02 Come Prepared When Asking for Advice

7:10 Be Open-Minded

7:51 Choose your advisor wisely

11:10 How do you act on the advice you are given?


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