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Jeffrey C. Walker On: The Criticality of Collaboration in Systems Change EP 99

January 18, 2022

Meeting the sustainability problems facing society will require the kind of authentic collaboration for which there is still no real precedent. It must be co-created by various stakeholders who understand the criticality of collaboration in systems change and want to positively impact the world.

Jeffrey (Jeff) C. Walker is on the leading edge of solving the world’s biggest problems using better philanthropy through systems change. His personal mission is to help end global suffering and enhance joy across the world. In our Passion Struck Podcast interview, Jeff discusses his passion for addressing global issues from a systems change perspective to create a lasting impact. We also go into his love of music and how it influenced his life as well as the work he is doing in support of the University of Virginia Contemplative Science Center and his work in support of mental health, consciousness, and spirituality.

About Jeffrey C. Walker

Jeff Walker currently serves on the boards of New Profit, Berklee College of Music, Morgan Library, Lincoln Center Film Society, Millennium Development Goals Health Alliance, the Miller Center, and University of Virginia’s Undergraduate Business School, where he was president for 10 years. He is the former Vice Chairman of JPMorgan Chase.

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  • 0:00 Introduction of Jeffrey Walker
  • 6:03 Developing his love for music and collaboration
  • 11:28 Leveraging collaboration at JPMorgan Chase
  • 14:52 How he started practicing mindfulness
  • 20:15 Importance of humility
  • 23:00 Bridge Builders Collaborative Mission-Based VC fund
  • 29:11 Creating University of Virginia's Contemplative Science Center
  • 34:32 Discussing his book the Generosity Network
  • 38:01 Locally driven and network supported organizations
  • 39:26 Social entrepreneur vs systems entrepreneur
  • 43:44 Collaborative Catalyst models
  • 48:09 Philanthropic support groups
  • 52:22 Proximate Change
  • 55:00 We discuss his upcoming book
  • 57:15 Psychodelic treatment for PTSD
  • 59:24 Default mode network in brain reprogramming


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