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Kate Gilman Williams on Why Advocacy has No Age Limits and Anyone Can Make a Difference EP 126

April 20, 2022

Kate Gilman Williams — How kids can save animals, why advocacy has no age limit and anyone can make a difference. | Brought to you by Trade Coffee (

Kate is the Founder of Kids Can Save Animals, Founder of Club 15 – an extension of Project 15 from Microsoft, and Author! She launched Kids Can Save Animals to connect her generation with world-renowned conservation organizations, technologists, policymakers, and global leaders who work to save wildlife and wild spaces. Her goal is to save endangered animals.

Born Free USA

Kate was recently named the first Youth Ambassador for Born Free USA. In her role, Kate will speak to her generation about the exploitation and suffering of animals living in captivity, educate kids and teens that animals being used for any kind of human entertainment is wrong, what the illegal pet trade is, and how we all can help end the wildlife trade and trophy hunting.

Let's Go On Safari

At age 8, Kate authored the book Let’s Go On Safari! which takes readers on a safari adventure and encourages children to speak up for animals who don’t have a voice.  All sales from the book support the Jane Goodall Institute, The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, and Re:Wild.  So far, her book has raised over $15,000 for her conservation partners. When Penguin Random House in South Africa picked up Let’s Go On Safari! Kate became the youngest author in history to sign two publishing contracts resulting in a global title release.

In the Summer of 2021, Kate partnered with Jenn Hartmann Luck, Austin-based singer, and songwriter, to produce a song “Kids Can Save Animals.” With each download, 15% supports Re:Wild where Leonardo DiCaprio is the founding board member.


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Time Stamps

  • 0:00 Announcements and Guest Introduction
  • 3:56 How Kate Gilman Williams became an advocate for animals
  • 5:31 The youngest published author in history
  • 6:25 Why the cheetah is an endangered species
  • 7:51 Why an elephant is killed every 15 minutes
  • 9:23 Favorite Club 15 podcast interview guests
  • 10:01 How technology is saving animals
  • 11:47 Kate discusses her new song "Kids Can Save Animals"
  • 13:15 Why Microsoft is supporting animal advocacy
  • 15:09 Kate's interest in saving ocean life
  • 16:32 Lessons learned from podcasting
  • 17:00 Why anyone can make a difference in the world
  • 18:01 Why finding a mentor is important
  • 18:45 Advocacy has no age limit 19:02 How kids can become leaders in their community
  • 20:33 In 10 years we can lose all elephants on the planet
  • 21:29 The northern white rhino preservation
  • 22:18 Born Free USA and quarters for Koalas
  • 23:42 If something is important you will pursue it
  • 25:46 The future of Club 15
  • 26:17 Greta Thunberg
  • 29:18 Wrap up

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