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Navy SEAL William Branum On Why Transition Points are Vital to Success EP 67

September 28, 2021

Retired Navy SEAL William Branum sits down with John R Miles to discuss why transition points are vital to success. Transition points are those times in life where complacency can kill your dreams and aspirations because you're not locked on, you're not paying attention. They are those periods that are easy to overlook because they are not significant events. They are those moments of everyday life where you can choose comfort or stay locked in on achieving your dreams.  

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Thank you for Watching the Passion Struck podcast. In this powerful Episode, John R. Miles and William Branum discuss his unique path to joining the elite Navy SEALs why it is better to suffer in the front than in the rear. How he found CBD was an excellent way to overcome his past trauma, which led him to found the company Naked Warrior Recovery. We also discuss why failure is vital to your future life breakthroughs. And so much more.

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William Branum Show Notes

  • 0:00 William Branum Navy Seal Teaser
  • 1:34 Show introduction
  • 4:12 William's unique story to becoming a SEAL
  • 10:53 The importance of asking for advice
  • 13:26 Why it's better to suffer in the front than suffer in the back
  • 18:46 Why transition points are vital to your success
  • 24:03 Advice for Veterans who are transitioning to civilian life
  • 31:49 Using CBD to overcome his past baggage
  • 40:00 What is an ODR and how do you apply them to life?
  • 43:43 Why he believes it is failure that leads to success
  • 50:13 Hudson charity event benefiting the GI Go Fund








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