Passion Struck with John R. Miles

Oluneye Oluwole On: Why You Should Reach For Your Dreams EP 103

February 1, 2022

Imagine realizing you were in a relationship devaluing you and your gifts?

You spiraled down to the lowest depths of your life.

You had to take a brutal look at yourself and those things you allowed to happen because you lived life to please others, but not satisfy YOURSELF.

And then recovering and rediscovering who YOU are as a result? You started to look at your life as saying yes to opportunities. And taking that step means doors opening, and those doors leading you to a higher calling of whom you are meant to be and how you're meant to impact your world.

👇 THIS is the Oluneye Oluwole Story. 

In this episode, John R. Miles is joined by Oluneye Oluwole, a serial entrepreneur, multi-sector entrepreneurship incubator, relationship builder, and administrator with a passion for economic empowerment, leadership, and sustainable development.

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  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 3:33 Ten Thousand and Athletic Greens
  • 6:27 Saying YES to opportunities
  • 13:18 Becoming an accidental politician
  • 17:00 Not Knowing your authentic self
  • 23:26 Doing a brutal assessment of oneself
  • 30:40 Being the only woman on Executive Council in Nigeria
  • 33:28 How to value yourself
  • 36:41 Spend time with ourselves first
  • 41:01 Do an audit of your life
  • 47:15 The future of social entrepreneurship for women
  • 53:37 The biggest lesson Oluneye learned from living in Nigeria
  • 57:40 Rapid round of questions


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