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Podcast Hall of Famer Rob Greenlee on the Future of Podcasts and Growth Trends

April 19, 2022

Rob Greenlee on the current state and the future of podcasting and podcast trends to pay attention to (2022 and beyond). | Brought to you by Trade Coffee (

Today’s guest is Podcast Hall of Famer Robert Greenlee. Rob is the VP of Content and Partnerships at Libsyn (LSYN). He is a current Board Member and Former Chair of The Podcast Academy. He started on radio in 1999 and then podcasting in 2004 with the first nationally syndicated radio show "WebTalk World Radio Show" to begin podcasting. Robert and fellow Podcast Hall of Fame Inductee Todd Cochrane host The New Media Show where they interview luminaries from the podcasting space providing deep insight into what is actually happening in the podcasting world. He was inducted into the “Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame” in 2017.

On Passion Struck with John R. Miles, we discuss how Rob launched his first radio show WebTalk which later became a podcast. How he shaped Microsoft's podcast strategy and products. Why does he believe Microsoft entered too early and got out too soon. The story of how podcasting became his passion. What he sees are the biggest trends happening today in podcasting and over the next few years. The advent of video in podcasting and where he predicts the future of that and Live episodes going.


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  • 0:00 Announcements and Rob Greenlee introduction
  • 3:49 The Webtalk radio show and podcast
  • 7:58 Why Micorosft missed the podcasting window
  • 13:37 Microsoft is an engineering-driven organization
  • 17:47 Story of Dell's failed entry into smartphones
  • 23:11 Rob Greenlee's lifelong passion for podcasting
  • 29:25 Importance of content marketing
  • 33:19 What is the current state of podcasting
  • 36:46 The future of podcasting (trends 2022 and beyond)
  • 41:55 Advice on launching a podcast
  • 45:32 New Media Podcast
  • 51:32 What podcast format drives the most downloads
  • 56:33 The future of video in podcasting
  • 1:02:45 Show Wrap Up

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