Passion Struck with John R. Miles

The Importance of Play as an Adult EP 74

October 22, 2021

When we think of playing, we hark back to our childhood days of messing around on the beach, playing tag at recess, or spending hours with dolls or toys. However, we often fail to realize the importance of play as an adult and that is what John unpacks in this episode.

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Thank you for listening to the Passion Struck podcast. In this powerful Momentum Friday Episode, John R. Miles discusses why adult play is vital to mental, physical, and spiritual health.

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Show Notes

  • 0:00 Show Intro
  • 2:53 What We Learn from play as a child
  • 4:05 Why lack of play as an adult is detrimental
  • 5:00 The difference between Play as an adult, versus play as a child
  • 6:14 Benefits of adult play
  • 10:47 What does play look like as an adult?
  • 12:01 Examples of well-known adults playing
  • 13:13 How you apply this to your life


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