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The Science of Learning: What is it and How does it Work? EP 122 with John R. Miles

April 8, 2022

We all learn differently and understanding the science of learning helps us all uniquely learn better. And the more we know, the easier it is to learn and understand new things regardless of your profession. | Brought to you by Grammarly ( and Raycon (

The science of learning is the ongoing process of information retention over time. Because our memory makes up the very framework through which we make sense of and take action within the present, its importance goes without saying. But how exactly does it work?

I use the unique story of Dr. Siddharth Warrier to illustrate how we learn and why lifelong learning is so important. To read further about today's episode, please visit the show notes on

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Time Stamps

  • 0:00 Why are humans the ultimate learning machine?
  • 4:32 What it takes to learn: the Dr. Siddharth Warrier story
  • 9:03 What does the science of learning entail?
  • 10:18 The 3 aspects of the neuroscience of learning
  • 15:16 How does the brain learn new information?
  • 16:14 How do you help others learn better?
  • 17:40 Can stress facilitate learning?
  • 18:18 The science of learning principles
  • 19:45 Analysis and synthesis

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